Family law disputes are often unavoidable, but at Family Mediation Services, we believe that they need not be emotionally or financially devastating.

At Family Mediation Services, we are committed to helping parties resolve all manner of family law disputes—including but not limited to custody, support and property disputes—confidentially and cost-efficiently. Our mediation services ensure client-generated solutions tailored to the needs of the parties at substantial cost savings and in a non-adversarial and affordable manner designed to reduce conflict and minimize the adverse impact of divorce on children and families.

We are passionate in the belief that mediation, as an alternative to litigation, is the most appropriate and beneficial avenue for the resolution of family law disputes. Mediation may be used to resolve disputes which arise in any area in which the alternative is litigation; mediation is especially well‑suited to resolving family law disputes, however, since parties to family disputes do not usually have the option of simply walking away from a dispute, but, rather, are likely to have children and/or financial interests which continue to bind them to one another. Although mediation is typically an alternative to litigation, moreover, it can also be used very successfully as part of an ongoing litigation.

Our attorney‑mediators are skilled and experienced in all facets of family law, from initial orders through entry of final judgment and post-judgment modifications. We often assist clients interested in entering into agreements governing financing and parenting arrangements—which are not necessarily part of an existing dispute—whether prior to, during marriage, or after the dissolution of marriages or partnerships. We likewise provide ongoing dispute resolution services to minimize interpersonal and parenting issues before they become problematic.

Mediation enables the parties to generate solutions which fit their particular interests and which accommodate their own, unique set of circumstances. Decisions which emerge from the judicial system, in contrast, are typically 'one size fit all' decisions which are unsatisfactory to one or both of the parties. Our approach to mediation, in contrast, enables the parties to effectuate agreements which most uniquely fit their particular circumstances. A mediated resolution in this way empowers parties by enabling them to determine more directly the course of their lives, allowing the parties and their families to transition more smoothly and without the attendant disruption and expense of prolonged litigation.

At Family Mediation Services, we are committed to helping parties effectuate the type of resolution which best serves your particular needs and those of your family. Our attorney‑mediators have over twenty‑five years of experience working with families in all types of family disputes, including high conflict and high asset cases which are generally the subject of protracted litigation. We will work with participants to effectuate flexible and creative solutions to help families move forward in a positive and proactive manner. If you are facing an issue or dispute which may be helped by mediation, we urge you to contact Family Mediation Services.